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Friending Frenzy!

This is a rare public post in my journal; I went friends-only a few years ago and haven't regretted it, but I would love a few wonderful new friends, and so I need to open up to everyone for that to happen, and let you open up to each other in the process!

My name really is Jenny. I'm a mom of two boys, 7 and 4, happily married for almost 17 years to tom_vroom, who almost never posts. I am so far to the left that I really did almost move to Canada; unfortunately, Canada made it a lot harder to get in right as I was ready to apply, so that didn't happen. However, it was for the best, since I am now living with my mother, which is good for all of us, and she would definitely not have wanted to come to Canada.
Now that both boys will soon be in school full time, I'm going to pick up with the rest of my life again, which means going for my Master of Divinity and becoming a Unitarian Universalist minister. (I still consider myself an atheist, so...not your typical minister, but, then, UU isn't your typical religion!)
I'm also a bird oracle and wise woman. I wrote my own deck of bird oracle cards and do monthly one card draws at wrenstarling, and I practice (or will, when I actually find time and reason) magic, not Wiccan, more folk-magic style. I'm weird, yes, but I do have one foot at least firmly planted on the ground, promise!
I mostly talk about what's going on in my life, etc. The people who read my LJ are my friends, my family, and my support circle. I rely on them and they rely on me. I believe relationships involve interaction, so if you are a lurker/watcher, it's probably best not to bother with me, as I'll unfriend you in due time. I give people a good try, but if we don't connect, I won't try to force it; life is too short.
I used to post daily, but my life has gotten so busy that I've gone almost a week without posting, and expect I'll hit a full week at some point in the future, but I hope not to get any worse than that. :)

So, welcome! Feel free to add me and I'll add you back unless I see a dealbreaker somewhere in your info, and add each other. My friends, this will only work if you point people here, so please do so!

You do the talking, I'll listen.

(Meme picked up from wyld_dandelyon this time.)

So! Tell me anything you want me to know - about me, about us, about you, about your mom, whatever you like.

Anonymous comments are enabled, and everything is screened. Tell me something you want to tell me, anonymously or not. If you say you want me to leave it screened, I will, happily. Keep in mind I can't reply without unscreening your comment.

Then do the same, and I will tell you something!

Update: Dudes, it's been three hours and no one has anything to say?! :P
Edit: Oops! I have to make it public so people can be anonymous. How silly.
I guess this would be why no comments at goin' on four hours! :P
Rare Bird

Holiday Shopping Post!

This is a rare public post in my journal, for a good cause. Don't shop at the big box stores when you don't have to! Take advantage of the many wonderfully talented crafters, artists, and others that are friends or friends of friends or friends of friends of friends! I am inspired by red_trillium, via ysabetwordsmith, to create an advertising post for all these people, where you can shop to your heart's content. PLEASE spread the word to your readers, and anyone is welcome to offer their services in the comments. If you are shopping, just browse through the comments to see what catches your eye or you can even post a comment with "Looking for..." as the subject and let the creative people come to you! If you are selling, it's a good idea to put in the subject the sort of thing you have available ("art", "jewelry", "divination", etc.), and be sure to include a link to examples of or more information about your work! :)

Here's MY stuff:

I do readings using a bird oracle I created, as well as general divination; details are here. For no extra fee, I will design a pretty gift certificate that you can print and give. :)
I also do general spellcraft and other wise woman services; details are here. For example, I could design a spell for you to perform for someone else or to give to someone else that they can perform, say, for prosperity or joy or anything the person's heart might desire. I will, in cases of gifts, write the spell up all fancy on pretty paper that could be included in a basket that contains the spell's supplies. (I will even make this whole thing for you, for the usual rate, plus the cost of supplies...or you can do it and credit me for the idea. ;))

Thank you and happy shopping!

On The Last Airbender movie...

Well said, and heartily agreed.

I am pretty nearly as white as it gets; I have a teeny bit of Cherokee in my genes and otherwise I am exclusively of caucasian, European descent. But, seriously, this movie pisses me off on a personal level that other examples of institutionalized racism have never reached. I mean, just...WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Edited to make this public, just 'cause.
Geeky Cartoon Me

wOOtstock 2.2

This is public, Just In Case. The first announcement was that the show was released under a CC share-alike license. *grin*

Facebook status updates posted while I was actually there (well, except for the last one from the car :P):

Awesome seats! And Adam Savage keeps standing RIGHT NEXT TO ME to take pictures!!!!!!

Also, I am about as happy as I have ever been in my entire life right now. F'ing SACRED, man.

I cannot BELIEVE he told his Rocky virgin story!! Also, my Oobi loving children, Wil said "Lovely"!

Noooooo! Don't send me back into the cold cruel world with only a Molly Lewis cd and my memories! I wanna stay in the happy place! *sob*

And here are selected pics. You'll want to click to actually see anything, but I did get some halfway decent shots. Barely. I was good and didn't use my flash, you see. :) Collapse )

We agreed that we wished Adam had more stage time, but didn't feel deprived since he stood not four feet from us taking pictures and sometimes just watching for practically half the show! (Yes, I'm repeating myself. :P And he's EXACTLY the guy you see on Mythbusters, no surprise. :))

When Wil started talking about Rocky Horror, the awesome reached its peak for me. Rocky was a HUGE part of my life, at about the same time it was a huge part of his. I am in a minority within a minority WITH Wil Wheaton! That is Beyond Cool.

My second favorite bit was Bill Amend sharing his geekiest Foxtrot strips, because it was truly the geekiest moment of the whole show, just one geek/nerd doing that "see my cool stuff? isn't it cool? it's so cool that you get it! you really get it. Other people don't, but you do, and I am happy now." thing. :)

We also loved Molly Lewis, and bought her CD. :)

Everything was made of awesome with awesomesauce on top. There was not one non-fantastic moment the whole night, up to and including the guy whose birthday it turned at midnight who got to hear everyone sing him Happy Birthday. (SO wish it had been my birthday! :P)

I didn't want to leave. I still don't want to have left.

Copied wholesale from ar_wahan.

A bill in the Ugandan parliament proposes life imprisonment for anyone convicted of having same-sex relations and imposes the death penalty for "serial offenders." NGO employees working to prevent the spread of HIV could be imprisoned for up to 7 years for "promoting homosexuality." Even members of the public face up to three years in jail if they fail to report homosexual activity to the police within 24 hours!

The bill had been delayed because of some initial international criticism. But after a well-funded and vicious lobbying effort by extremists, it now looks set to be passed -- threatening widespread persecution and bloodshed.

With the decision expected in days, only an irresistible wave of worldwide pressure will be enough to save the lives of gay people in Uganda.

I just signed a new international petition to stop the gay death law. Will you join in?


The Great Facial Hair Experiment.

See here for a recent clean shaven shot. Also see icon. :)

(Click for the big versions, posted these completely unedited.)

Poll #1520937 The great facial hair experiment.

What do you think of Tom's facial hair experiment?

I prefer the facial hair a lot.
I prefer the facial hair a little.
I'm truly torn and cannot choose!
I prefer the clean-shaven look a little.
I prefer the clean-shaven look a lot.

What do you think of a goatee and moustache instead?

I think it would look better.
I think it would look worse.
I think it might look good, but he'd look like a villain.
Still going with clean-shaven is best.
No clue or same difference.