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June 7th, 2010 - The Way of Jenny — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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June 7th, 2010

wOOtstock 2.2 [Jun. 7th, 2010|10:59 am]
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This is public, Just In Case. The first announcement was that the show was released under a CC share-alike license. *grin*

Facebook status updates posted while I was actually there (well, except for the last one from the car :P):

Awesome seats! And Adam Savage keeps standing RIGHT NEXT TO ME to take pictures!!!!!!

Also, I am about as happy as I have ever been in my entire life right now. F'ing SACRED, man.

I cannot BELIEVE he told his Rocky virgin story!! Also, my Oobi loving children, Wil said "Lovely"!

Noooooo! Don't send me back into the cold cruel world with only a Molly Lewis cd and my memories! I wanna stay in the happy place! *sob*

And here are selected pics. You'll want to click to actually see anything, but I did get some halfway decent shots. Barely. I was good and didn't use my flash, you see. :) Read more...Collapse )

We agreed that we wished Adam had more stage time, but didn't feel deprived since he stood not four feet from us taking pictures and sometimes just watching for practically half the show! (Yes, I'm repeating myself. :P And he's EXACTLY the guy you see on Mythbusters, no surprise. :))

When Wil started talking about Rocky Horror, the awesome reached its peak for me. Rocky was a HUGE part of my life, at about the same time it was a huge part of his. I am in a minority within a minority WITH Wil Wheaton! That is Beyond Cool.

My second favorite bit was Bill Amend sharing his geekiest Foxtrot strips, because it was truly the geekiest moment of the whole show, just one geek/nerd doing that "see my cool stuff? isn't it cool? it's so cool that you get it! you really get it. Other people don't, but you do, and I am happy now." thing. :)

We also loved Molly Lewis, and bought her CD. :)

Everything was made of awesome with awesomesauce on top. There was not one non-fantastic moment the whole night, up to and including the guy whose birthday it turned at midnight who got to hear everyone sing him Happy Birthday. (SO wish it had been my birthday! :P)

I didn't want to leave. I still don't want to have left.
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