Jenny (jenny_evergreen) wrote,


For those who want to, here's this week's vote at LJ Idol.
On the down side, even if I survive the general vote, there's a contestant only vote that could still result in my elimination! Oh, well. There's always Second Chance Idol, I just hoped to have more time in the main competition before I got bumped!
Tags: lj idol
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Done, and continuing good luck to you!
Voted! Best of Luck to You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At this hour your entry is somewhere in the middle with 10 votes . . .
you're up to 23 votes which should keep you just above the bottom 9,
some folks may vote *very* late . . .

only takes a second to vote . . .

I am very past curfew !

*offers you some mini pretzels*
Thanks for the pep talk!
now with the polls closed the in the main contest votes ranged from 8 votes to 52 votes. You still have 23 votes.

I believe you should do very well in the contestant only vote.

Your poem is excellent!

The LJ Idol may well mimic the madness of the world of publishing!
Yep, I'm out of the main competition now. On to Second Chance Idol!
watching the exclamation mark(s) . . .

love your enthusiasm!
Or the contestant only vote could lead to your retention, as you are a *good* writer and are rocking this.

Love you.

Love you.