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I just finished the last David Tennant Dr. Who.

Just in case, a cut, because spoiling is mean.

"The song may end but the story is never-ending"? BIT much, there, Russell. I'll give it to you, I know you love the Doctor and were saying goodbye, but LORD I rolled my eyes! :P

From the perspective of a long-time fan, this is far from my first regeneration, and I do think he went just a TAD overboard on the whole thing. I mean, he's dying, but he's not dying, for goodness' sake!

Still, it was well done. Russell T. Davies knows and respects the Doctor. I have my reservations about Moffat, who I fear is a bit too into horror and not as well versed in what is truly crucial to the character/universe.

That said, I LOVED the entrance and I already ADORE the new guy.

Wilfred is easily in my top companions (yes, he qualifies!), and I'm so glad he got into space.

And David Tennant was a good Doctor. Not the best by a long shot, and we need someone to STICK AROUND for a while, but he created a worthy incarnation and good on 'im.

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