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After eight years, the time has come.

My great experiment with a public journal is officially over. I start the next decade with a new experiment in personal privacy, with a friends only journal.

I think all those years of being out there were good for me. I told the world what I had always wanted to tell it, got all those years of feeling stifled out of my system, and really found myself, though I'm not sure how much the public part had to do with that last one. :P I think I positively impacted at least a few people, and that will have to do. :)

Now that I'm content with who I am, and beginning a new chapter in my life that involves an occupation with a strong internet presence, I think I'll very much appreciate a little privacy, so let's try that for a decade or so. :)

This is not the formal "friends-only" post, that will come later...I've spent all day fixing up my userinfo. Let me know what you think!
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