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Second Chance Idol: What the heck WAS that?

She stumbled. It was green. And, um...blobby. To pursue or to run away? A question for the ages...a question of character. The smart person runs away. The curious person pursues. Smart AND curious people are in something of a pickle. Hey, pickles are green! She could really do with a pickle right about now. (What does an ADHD person do? Thinks about eating pickles and forgets all about the blobby thing until seven hours later. But her son isn't here right now.) the end...she is smarter than she is curious and she runs away.

Home. Safe. Pickle consumption imminent. Oh, god, she better not be pregnant again! Twice was ENOUGH. (Even though she really, really loves her boys and has never truly regretted them for a second.) Okay. Time for a walk. Possibly there are green blobby things everywhere; she was just on a short walk so her very rapid return trip was hardly reliable data.

Cautious (because smart, curious people are), she begins to walk. So far, the only green things are the hedges, nicely boxed by the neighbor who is much more landscape-conscious than herself. She would have moss or something like that if she could so she wouldn't even have to mow, but her husband is not ready to be that non-conformist and it's not like they can afford the cost of redoing all the landscaping like that anyway. Right. Green blobs. Was that something? Out of the corner of her eye, she could almost, but not quite, swear she saw something minty green and gelatinous. It's gone now. And here comes Bob around the corner of his house, waving hello. She waves back as appropriate. Could Bob be possessed by a green gelatinous being? Or have, in fact, been one all along? Wasn't there a movie like that? What was the name of that movie about blobs? DUH. The Blob. So original. If The Blob is happening in reality, she really doesn't want to know. Having the world ACTUALLY end like a second rate horror movie is just too tragic to know about in advance. So, either Bob is not a blob or she really, truly does not want to know.

With one last suspicious look around that yields no further gelatinous sightings, she turns sharply around and heads into her house, stopping first to check the mailbox. Nothing in there but some goo.


You have GOT to be kidding me...
Tags: fiction, humor, lj idol, writing
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"Wasn't there a movie like that. "

Needs a question mark: "Wasn't there a movie like that?"

Hope you don't mind the unsolicited proofread/copy edit.

I much enjoyed this story!
Thanks for catching it! I'm glad you liked it. :)

Deleted comment

Thanks! :)
Wait.. what.. Slimer?! [green blobby ghost from Ghostbusters].
Could be! What a humiliating way to go!
:laughs: When you called this "Goo goo" I thought it was going to be a reference to the kids goo'ing verbally and goo'ing...well GOO'ing.

Did you crave pickles when you were pregnant? You never told me that. :)
I thought of that when I was typing it as the title and decided I like it being a little misleading...though nothing says this whole thing couldn't be a pregnancy dream!

That was fiction; I really didn't crave anything when I was pregnant! :)


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Just the reaction I was hoping for! :)


March 2 2013, 07:42:04 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  March 2 2013, 07:42:20 UTC

Lol! Sounds like someone's pulling a prank....
*laugh* Could be, although I think it's more likely that the world is about to end in a totally embarrassing way. :)
Your writing skills are *amazing* !

I wish they had a Reading Page here,
like on DW.

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But I guess that is *not* possible.

Oh,well,live and learn as "they" say.


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Happy Birthday!
Thanks! And to you, belatedly! :)


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Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!